Transparency is key to us at WP Champion. By being transparent with our readers, we hope to build trust and affinity with our blogs, guides and reviews.

Below we have listed our Ethics and Affiliate Disclosure policies – hopefully, these give you peace of mind when reading anything on our site.

If you still have any questions though, please get in touch!

Ethics Policy

Ethics play an important part in what we write at WP Champion.

As an independent publication, we don’t need to worry about pleasing or upsetting anyone with what we publish. 

When people approach us for sponsorship, we will make it clear if we have been asked to write about their product, service or event with a clearly-labelled #Sponsored tag on the post.

Additionally, our internal editorial policy is that we are 100% in charge of what we write and although we will make corrections if we are wrong, we will label where we have done this. 

WP Champion Ethics
WP Champion Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

When it comes to affiliate commissions or rewards it is important to let users know in advance of them clicking a link, or redeeming a unique discount.

Affiliate commissions partly-fund this site, but also help by showing the value we bring to plugin/theme creators from our in-depth guides and reviews.

If you click one of our links to an external partner, you may earn us a commission – however, you will not be charged anything for this, the commission is taken out of your sale by the creator.