An introduction to Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the codename for the “editor” in WordPress that allows content creators to build and showcase their content, without knowing how to write code.

Introduction to Gutenberg

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the editor which comes as standard from WordPress 5.0 onwards (there is also the Gutenberg standalone plugin for those who want to see the newest features before they are bundled into the core of WordPress)

It replaced the old ‘Classic Editor’ as a way of making editing easier for writing posts or pages. However, it is more than that – it is going to be the way you also design a WordPress website in the future.

WP Champion - Your guide to all things WordPress
WP Champion - Your guide to all things WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg works in principle by splitting up editing into ‘blocks’.

Each block can be something such as a headline, paragraph or image.

You can install extra blocks called ‘block patterns’ which are preset (but configurable) blocks to help you build your site with either content, design or both.