Welcome to WP Champion

Welcome to WP Champion

Hello and welcome to WP Champion!

My name is Chris Hughes and I have been using WordPress from near its initial conception back in late 2003 – having previously created and run websites based on HTML/Perl it was a blessing when WordPress came out and allowed me to publish pages without having to hand code each one!

Since then, WordPress has grown to power over 40% of all websites on the internet (including those that don’t have a content management system!) – a staggering number and still shows no signs of slowing down!

Throughout this period of growth, I have been a huge advocate of WordPress. I use it daily for my own businesses and in many client businesses that I help not only support but also consult on too.

I created WP Champion as I couldn’t really find one resource that helped not only beginners but also people that are more experienced with WordPress in finding the right solutions for their websites.

With this site, we aim to provide useful guides, tips, tricks and in-depth reviews for you to help you become your own WordPress Champion.

We have split the site into several categories to make things easier to browse or search. These are detailed below!


The Blog section will cover general WordPress tips and guides and upcoming news about WordPress versions and/or how the software is evolving.

In this section there will also be opinion pieces about WordPress and its ecosystem – the opinion pieces are naturally of the individual authors who write them.

WordPress Plugins

In the WordPress Plugins section, you’ll find in-depth guides and reviews of popular, not-so-popular and upcoming WordPress Plugins. Each one will be in-depth to guide you on how to use the plugin and will also include some use-cases too! We know how helpful it can be for people to understand why a plugin might be useful to them, rather than just know what it does.


In the WooCommerce section, We will be covering how to use WooCommerce for your eCommerce site, including tips and guides, but also the extremely useful extensions and add-ons that make WooCommerce an absolute beast when it comes to selling things online. I recommend WooCommerce to many people and have grown some huge online stores with it personally.


Love it or hate it perhaps, Gutenberg is here and it is going to revolutionise how you work in WordPress – it already has for me and many others.

In our Gutenberg section, we will cover upcoming features, extensions that make it even better and best-practice guides to getting the most out of it.

WordPress Themes

For many people, their first introduction to WordPress is generally a WordPress Theme from somewhere – there are literally 1000’s of themes out there and in our WordPress Theme section we aim to cover some of the best ones depending on the type of site you have or planning to build.

Alongside these dedicated sections of the site, we also have detailed guides about each of the topics and lists of popular resources for each one too.

Our Facebook Group

Additionally, we are launching our own private Facebook group.

The WordPress Lounge” is a place for all to come and talk about WordPress – whether you are new to WordPress or perhaps an advanced developer, we hope to make you feel at home!

I hope that gives you a good idea of what WP Champion sets out to cover and I am always interested in any feedback from the articles published on here – so feel to get in touch with us by one of our social channels, or directly with me on Facebook

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